Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, New Blog

So apparently everybody's doing it! Guess I am going to follow suit. This will be my last post on my 2006 blog. From today forward, you can check out my new blog...be patient though, I am still trying to work out lots of glitches and cannot post pics yet. But I wanted to make a clean break after the posts from Florida. So here ya go....


Check it out!!

They're just pretty cute...

Lani didn't want to wait in line for 45 minutes to get pictures with the princesses...she was happy enough to get this photo at the airport before we flew out yesterday....
Even after 11 days of vacationing, they still had one last posed photo together, looking like they still love eachother!
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More pics....

Lani LOVED the roller coaster....We prepared for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride by making scary faces at eachother...
The actaul ride was pretty amazing...
This was the best pic I could get of the castle at night. It really was magical. I cried when I saw Lani's face as she watched the princesses dancing on the castle steps with fireworks above them. I'll never forget it...
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Storytime with Belle

So went to Storytime with Belle. About 2 minutes into it Belle pointed to Brigg and asked him to come up on stage and play her father. We were surprised when Brigg hopped up and walked right onto stage. We were not surprised when he got up there and immediately FROZE. I mean really froze. She asked him a question and he couldn't even speak. I don't think he realized how many people were there until he was on stage in front of them.Still frozen...
Yep, still frozen...

Finally, when it was all over, we got in line to meet Belle personally (and not in front of a zillion people) and we actually got a smile out of Brigg.... Posted by Picasa

Magic Kingdom

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Monday, January 08, 2007


We're alive.
We're home.
We're tired.
More tomorrow....

My MAGICAL birthday....

I'm posting from a hotel in Orlando. I have 3 minutes left on my timer. While the rest of the gigantic group is home in the cold, we are still here. Yesterday was my true birthday and we spent it with the kids at Magic Kingdom. It was so great. They had a ball and it made a 30 year OLD women feel like she was 10 again. We went on lots of rides, ate lots of food and bought lots of little trinkets from the Pirates of the Carribean store. The kids experienced their first roller coaster and Brigg sat with me. We could hear Lani squeeling the whole time behind us with her hands in the air. She loved it. Not surprisingly, Brigg said as we were getting off, "I did NOT like that AT ALL." Too funny. My kids seem to break all the gender generalizations! Time is up. Will post more when we get home tonight. I'm ready to be home.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Miss You, Landers!!

My "Birthday" Party

Well, apparently last night was supposed to be my actual birthday party, but I think this whole week has been my birthweek party! We got Andy and Jody off to the airport and then hit Sharky's. There is a very fun band that plays and allows the audience to play some fun instruments. They are great for the kids, too. It was so fun and I'm pretty sure it was the best night of all the kids' lives!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This is it for tonight....

Finally, a photo with all Nana and Papa S's grandkids in it! Jody is getting her baby fix without being responsible for any of her own. I think she kind of likes this as a short break!
It's been a long day at the beach. The kids are snuggled in for the night....
These boys couldn't be more adorable!
It is late. I am tired. Everyone in the house is sound asleep after the most gigantic meal ever served at Luna's tonight. It was a good day. I need to rest and prepare for another big one tomorrow. More later.

Macy and Lani

These girls are enjoying eachother SO MUCH on this trip!! They are so cute! I'm thinking it's a glimpse at what the future holds!

Day Six

Wow, we are well over halfway through our trip. It has been so very fun!! Beaches, sun, family, friends, golf, swimming, eating and on and on. We had another beautiful day here today. I think it was about 85 and very sunny. I am posting some random pics that capture some of the fun.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Still Soaking In....

I really cannot believe they found friends and family to care for their FOUR boys for FOUR days and made it down here. (Not to mention Andy's constant battle with kidney stones!) I love these people so much! Seriously.

HUGE Surprise in Florida!!!

My family and I were sitting at our favorite restaurant on the beach today eating lunch and drinking pina coladas (I know, I know...it's rough down here!) Anyway, I was so very frustrated with Paul and had been most of the morning. He was just driving me insane. When out of the blue I started hearing a voice singing. I thought to myself, "That's weird. That voice kind of sounds like Andy." Then I hear that the voice is singing (very beautifully, I might add) "Happy Birthday dear Cassssssssiiiiieeeee." And I freaked. Really freaked. There was screaming and tears involved. Yes, Andy and Jody were outside the restaurant gate, much to my surprise. Happy Birthday to me! (Ok, I know Leah that you are going to be so very sad about this. But do not forget that it's me and you in like 2 weeks in the cities and we will have an amazing time!!) So they are here. I am happy. Here are some pics....

Monday, January 01, 2007

One last middle-of-the-night thought...

I need to get out one last blog tonight. My dear friend Pam and her husband leave for a 15 day mission trip to Liberia on Jan 2nd. Please keep them, and the people of Liberia, in your prayers. As I have been lounging by the pool, I have been reading the book Uprising, by Erwin Raphael McManus (I would recommend it!!). It has been speaking to me in so many levels and Eric and Pam keep popping into my head as I am reading it. I came across this yesterday and felt the need to share:
"God will not save you from the fire, but in fact throw you into it. The promise that He will be with you and never leave or forsake you is both promise and warning. A divine journey cannot be completed without divine intervention. It will be like an odyssey without maps to guide your way. Your character will be your only compass on many long and dark nights...As we have discovered on this journey, courage is not the absence of fear; it is the absence of self. Courage is the highest expression of humility. Courage moves us to risk ourselves for the sake of others or a higher cause. Courage allows us to live free from self-perservation and to live generously creative lives."

So proud of the Bullers and the courage they are showing as they journey to Africa...hopefully paving the way for so many others. Much love to you and the whole team! Thank you for stepping out in faith.

Happy New Year from Florida!!

Happy new year to all!! We had quite the celebration down here...karaoke and all. It was a rule that every single one of us got up and sang at least one song. (we were allowed to drag a friend up with us!) We did it! Donna even sang...AND Paul!
It's been a great year and I am so looking forward to 2007. It has been amazing to feel the changes going on in my heart over the last year. There has been a definite shift in the past few months in what I am feeling passionate about. So anxious to see what comes of it in the year ahead!! For now, just feeling so very thankful for all of my loved ones...family and friends-old and new!! Happy new year! Here's a glimpse of our night....

Random Pics Around the House

I'm not sure we could be having any more fun!